FRP VVT Hemi Camshafts

FRP VVT Hemi Camshafts

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You can hear most of these cams on our Youtube Channel

For a stock piston 5.7 VVT (09-2022, 09 is phaser lockout only so go big) , as well as 2012-2022 6.4 VVTs,  we have the following: 

 216/226 111+4 "Hellfire 2.0" . Looking for maximum torque, sound and power out of your 5.7 truck or car using a stock torque converter? The new Hellfire 2.0 is for you. This cam works great for towing, daily driving and even mild boosted applications while also delivering a choppy sound we all want in an aftermarket cam. 

220/228 113+2 "Mark 82" (best seller). Great daily driver cam. Noticeable idle, but not rough. Makes great power from 2000-6800 rpm in both 5.7 and 6.4. Phaser limiter recommended. Converter not required in car or truck but would benefit from one. . Perfect camshaft for daily driver cars/trucks. Our demo 392 Challenger went 10.94 on E85 at 4000 lbs, 2300 ft DA,  only other mods were 87mm TB, 1320 TC, longtubes, mids, Bogart drag pack, Hellcat CAI.  (Same car went 11.60s on stock cam in 2600 ft DA as a baseline) 

228/238 113+2 "Tomahawk". Max effort stock piston 5.7/6.4 cam. Rough idle.  Torque converter strongly recommended, 3200+ stall for best results. Phaser lock required for stock piston applications. This camshaft in a 4300 lb 1320 Challenger went 10.83@124.7 mph on 93 gas, FRP PCM/TCM tuning, 180 stat, headers, and Hellcat TB. Works well with boost, made 690 whp in a 5.7 with FRP drop-ins, P1SC Procharger, full exhaust, 6.1 intake manifold.

228/238 111+2 "Tomahawk 2.0".Updated version of our popular Tomahawk grind. Max effort stock piston camshaft. Rough idle, 3200+ stall converter mandatory. Requires phaser lockout.  This camshaft will make more torque and horsepower up to approximately 6500 rpm in most applications. 

231/246 116+4 "Titan ll" -  A supercharger specific camshaft for 6.2/6.4 applications. It will clear in sbe 6.2/6.4 engines. 5.7s will need aftermarket pistons. Designed to make the most out of anything with supercharger while also have a nice aggressive idle. This cam is also stock converter friendly.  Expect to make more power with less boost over your factory camshaft. 

 Any cam below this paragraph requires an aftermarket piston with a valve relief. FRP is not responsible for misuse of our camshafts. 

For aftermarket piston VVT applications we have: 

237/249 112+2 "Trident VVT" - Proven 392-426ci  grind. Very rough idle. Produces ~520 whp Dynojet on 93 in a 5.7 392 stroker. Requires minimum 3200 stall for drivability, 4000 stall for best results. 392ci (5.7 or 6.4 based) will require aftermarket intake manifold (we recommend Holley Hi-Ram) for best results. 

 239/251 115+2 "Widowmaker" - hot street blower/nitrous/turbo camshaft. Requires at least 3200 stall in most applications. 480 whp capable NA in a 345ci, 530 whp in a 392. Needs a intake manifold capable of supporting 7000+ rpm for best results. 

 242/253 112+3 "MOAB" - Serious camshaft, not for casual enthusiasts or applications. NA/light nitrous camshaft.  390-435 ci camshaft, 4000 stall recommended. NAG1 applications will benefit from a 3.55 or higher gear. Will require an aftermarket intake manifold for best results. 

255/272 116+4 "LGM-30" - If you have to ask if this cam works for your application-you don't need it. 390-454ci , high compression , 4400+ stall, serious power adder all required for this camshaft. Race only.