About Us

Flyin' Ryan Performance is a small company based out of The Woodlands, Texas that is devoted to being the absolute best when it comes to Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram (DCX/FCA) engine calibrations.

Ryan Hogan, the owner and calibrator, has been tuning EFI Chryslers since 2011 and to date has done hundreds of successful calibrations. He has experience with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • SCT
  • HPTuners
  • Diablo CMR
  • Syked ECU
  • Cobb
  • Tunerstudio (For Megasquirt Applications)
  • Accel DFI Gen 7
  • Hondata
  • Holley EFI 

Ryan in his own words...
I originally got involved with Jeeps as a teen and eventually bought custom tuning through 2 of who were considered to be the "best" Chrysler tuners at the time. The end result was disappointing enough that I was convinced that there had to be something more there, something beyond "throw more parts at it". It was at that time that it became apparent that the 'experts', were not what they made themselves out to be. The whole process left me out alot of money, and with a vehicle that didnt run nearly as well as it should have. I was frustrated, and eventually sold the vehicle off.

A few years later, I had the unique opportunity to work with a Diablo CMR tuner. I was able to pick up the basics of Chrysler NGC controllers. Unfortunately, that opportunity dissolved almost as quickly as it began. A short time later, I had landed work with a small business in Florida called AIRRAM Performance, who was an SCT dealer but their previous tuner (one of the tuners mentioned above) had gone AWOL. This was during the spring of 2012, and it was at this time that I was able to gain access to the SCT DCX software. It was certainly new to me and different.....but within a few months, word got out there was a new tuner in town, mopping up the competition.  

When I first started to tune, in asking questions on forums and user groups about different platforms, I was always told, "You can't do that", or, "It'll never work that way, these platforms can't be tuned to do what you are asking to do". I couldn't help but wonder "why not?" So I set forth to do what I was told could not be done, and I did it well. The main thing I excelled at right away was drivability, which was a major stumbling block for anyone trying to go fast on a factory controller at the time.

Over the next 4 years, I spent thousands of hours not only learning the controllers, but ultimately learning "how" to tune, how to diagnose problems remotely, things to watch for. The more vehicles I did, the more developed the tunes became. The more developed they became, the busier I became. I can't recall a time where I've been "slow" ever since.

It has been a wild ride- I have shattered decade-old HP records , have had customer rides featured in multiple magazines, and even have had grown men cry because their previously undrivable projects now drove with refinement beyond their wildest dreams. It is an incredibly fulfilling position to be in, to take a vehicle and "make it right" when nobody else can, or cares to do so.

The approach I take to my business follows a simple mantra- "Effort is the measure of a man." 
I appreciate you taking the time to check out my website and to see what FRP is all about- I look forward to helping you achieve your own definition of automotive bliss.

Ryan Hogan
Flyin' Ryan Performance