FRP Non VVT Hemi Camshafts/Camshaft Kits

FRP Non VVT Hemi Camshafts/Camshaft Kits

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Custom ground camshafts. These cams are the result of over 15 years of R&D courtesy of Steve Frank, of Frank Racing Inc. and FRP is the sole distributor of these custom grinds listed here. We use Comp Cams and Howard's Cams for our Non VVT grinds. 

If you need help deciding what cam would work best for you, contact us through email at

Custom tuning is required.  


This kit contains everything you need for installing one of our cam kits, minus fluids. Includes the following:

Custom Grind FRP Camshaft

OEM NON MDS Lifters w/ OEM NON MDS lifter trays

PSI or Manley Valve Springs 

 Manton Hardened Pushrods 

 (As of mid March 2023) OEM Mopar Head Gaskets

Top End Gasket Kit 

 Fel-Pro Head Bolts

 Cam Bolt

 Crank Bolt

 MDS Delete Plugs






For Non VVT (03-08, 03 requires PCM swap) 5.7 and 6.1 (06-2010) we have the following. All of these Non VVT cams require Non MDS lifters, aftermarket pushrods and springs. 








212/212 "Sidewinder" (113+2) . Mainly recommended for off-road/towing applications or people who want a sneaky street cam. Killer midrange torque. Minimal idle. 








219/223 "Scud" (113+2) (best seller) Great street strip cam. Noticeable idle, but not rough.. Makes great power from 2000-6200 rpm. 


219/223 "Scud 111" (111+0) Aggressive stock piston NA/nitrous camshaft. Noticeable idle. Converter not required, but recommended. Comes on-line earlier than our 113+2 variant and carries out further. 








219/227 “Scud Plus” (113+2) Max effort stock piston NA grind. Choppy idle in a 5.7, noticeable in a 6.1 .Stall recommended, Stock converter OK in 6.1 cars/Jeeps. Also available as a 218/228 111+0








For aftermarket piston/stroker combos we have the following options: 








235/235 "Titan" (112+2) Hot street NA/centri blower grind 370-392ci . Brutal midrange torque, very rough idle. 3600 stall recommended in a 370-392ci application.








235/247 "Trident Non VVT" (112+2) Proven 392-426 stroker grind. Very rough idle. Produces ~520 whp Dynojet on 93 in 11:1 392ci NAG1 car. 3000 stall minimum required , 3600-4000 stall recommend. Will work with OEM Jeep WK1 SRT8 converter. 





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