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Engine/Application specific item - will be drop shipped direct from manufacturer. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping. 


FIC Injectors are largely considered to be the best injectors on the market. Packed full of features, we use FIC wherever we can. These injectors are drop in for all dodge applications. With any questions related to injector selection for your application fill free to reach out to us via phone or email and we will make sure you make the right decision for your vehicle. FRP Application guide is also below to help with decision making.

  • Bosch core injectors – compatible with E85
  • Highest level of injector matching – FIC data matches all the injectors in the NHRA Pro-Stock series.
  • More cost competitive  
  • Drop in ECU data
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sizes from 375CC to 2150CC

Application Guide

325cc - Only for JTEC vehicle equipped with mostly stock engines

525cc - Great for any 5.7/6.4 looking to step up from the factory injector. These are typically used on cars with larger cams/engines or cars wanting to run e85

775cc - A must for any application using forced induction on pump gas. These support up to 800hp roughly. Also great for big power NA builds using e85

1000cc - The go to injector for all e85 forced induction applications. these injectors support roughly 800hp on e85 or 1000hp with gasoline.

1200cc - These injectors will support 1000hp on e85 and up to 1300hp with gasoline.

1650cc - These injectors will support up to 1300hp with e85 and north of 1500hp with gasoline.

2150cc - The largest injector available. These will support over 1500hp with e85.