FRP Non VVT Hemi Camshafts

FRP Non VVT Hemi Camshafts

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 For Non VVT (03-08, 03 requires PCM swap) 5.7 and 6.1 (06-2010) we have the following. All of these Non VVT cams require Non MDS lifters, aftermarket pushrods and springs. 

 212/212 "Sidewinder" (113+2) . Mainly recommended for off-road/towing applications or people who want a sneaky street cam. Killer midrange torque. Minimal idle. 

 219/223 "Scud" (113+2) (best seller) Great street strip cam. Noticeable idle, but not rough.. Makes great power from 2000-6200 rpm. 

 219/223 "Scud 111" (111+0) Aggressive stock piston NA/nitrous camshaft. Noticeable idle. Converter not required, but recommended. Comes on-line earlier than our 113+2 variant and carries out further. 

 219/227 “Scud Plus” (113+2) Max effort stock piston NA grind. Choppy idle in a 5.7, noticeable in a 6.1 .Stall recommended, Stock converter OK in 6.1 cars/Jeeps. Also available as a 218/228 111+0


For aftermarket piston/stroker combos we have the following options: 

  235/235 "Titan" (112+2) Hot street NA/centri blower grind 370-392ci . Brutal midrange torque, very rough idle. 3600 stall recommended in a 370-392ci application.

  235/247 "Trident Non VVT" (112+2) Proven 392-426 stroker grind. Very rough idle. Produces ~520 whp Dynojet on 93 in 11:1 392ci NAG1 car. 3000 stall minimum required , 3600-4000 stall recommend. Will work with OEM Jeep WK1 SRT8 converter.