FRP Non VVT Hemi Camshafts (5.7/6.1) Only

FRP Non VVT Hemi Camshafts (5.7/6.1) Only

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FRP NON VVT Custom Grind Cam Info:

 For Non VVT (03-08, 03 requires PCM swap) 5.7 and 6.1 (06-2010) we have the following. All of these Non VVT cams require Non MDS lifters, aftermarket pushrods and springs. 

216/226 111+4 "Hellfire 2.0" . Looking for maximum torque, sound and power out of your 5.7 truck or car using a stock torque converter? The new Hellfire 2.0 is for you. This cam works great for towing, daily driving and even mild boosted applications while also delivering a choppy sound we all want in an aftermarket cam.

220/228 113+2 "Mark 82" (Best Seller).  Great daily driver cam. Noticeable idle, but not rough. Makes great power from 2000-6800 rpm in both 5.7 and 6.1.  Converter not required in car or truck but would benefit from one. . Perfect camshaft for daily driver cars/trucks. 

228/238 113+2 "Tomahawk" Max effort stock piston 5.7/6.4 cam. Rough idle.  Torque converter strongly recommended, 3200+ stall for best results. 

For aftermarket piston/stroker combos we have the following options: 

Custom Spec Cam when a shelf cam just isn't enough. This is reserved primarily for boosted stroker motors, large amounts of nitrous, high compression NA builds or all of the above. The additional cost will include a email or phone consultation to determine specs. 

 228/238 111+2 "Tomahawk 2.0" Updated version of our popular Tomahawk grind. Max effort stock piston camshaft. Rough idle, 3200+ stall converter mandatory.  This camshaft will make more torque and horsepower up to approximately 6500 rpm in most applications. 

235/247 "Trident Non VVT" (112+2) Proven 392-426 stroker grind. Very rough idle. Produces ~520 whp Dynojet on 93 in 11:1 392ci NAG1 car. 3000 stall minimum required, 3600-4000 stall recommend. Will work with OEM Jeep WK1 SRT8 converter.