By Ryan Hogan


Q&A Questions


What is a wideband sensor and why do I need one? Where does one mount the Wideband O2 sensor in the exhaust?

Wideband O2 sensors monitor the amount of oxygen in the exhaust to measure the Air Fuel Ratio, or AFR. This allows us to validate AFR, and tune fueling to precision. 

Location can vary depending on fitment/space, but the preferred location is upstream of any catalysts, but behind the header/exhaust manifold collector. 

If space does not allow for  a pre-catalyst wideband bung, post-catalyst is acceptable. 

How do I wire my wideband sensor?

This is going to depend heavily on the wideband mfg. 

CANBUS widebands will need to be hooked up to switched 12V power source and shared ground. 

NON CANBUS will also need this, but will also need to be hooked up via the HPT PRO link cable.


What are HP tuners credits?

Credits are the currency HP Tuners uses to sell licenses for tuning specific vehicles. When purchased, credits are loaded onto the HP Tuners interface device you use to read and flash vehicles. Newer devices, such as the MPVI2, 2+, and 3 employ universal credits, which can be used for any vehicle we support.


What laptop should I be using?

We would recommend any “newer” Windows based laptop running Windows 10 or newer. We generally do not recommend tablets. 


How long does tuning take?

This varies alot on what level of tuning requested, how mechanically sound the vehicle is, etc. 

Most canned tunes take 1-2 files.

Custom N/A tuning usually takes 4-6 files.

Forced Induction tuning usually takes 7-10 files. 


How long does it take to unlock my computer?

We use a third party for unlocks- including shipping, plan on 7 days if you reside in the lower contiguous 48 states.


What is canned tuning and what changes should I expect over stock?

For stock, or bolt-on cars, trucks, and Jeeps, we offer "canned" tunes. Our canned engine/transmission tunes are designed for common bolt-on combinations of aftermarket parts. Such aftermarket parts can include cold air intakes, intake manifolds, aftermarket or modified OEM-based throttle bodies, headers and exhaust. These files have been extensively tested to ensure both long-term reliability and consistent performance. They are not designed for aftermarket or non-OEM camshafts , non-OEM injectors, or modified cylinder heads. FRP is not responsible for misuse of the supplied canned tunes.

We are always tweaking things to see if we can safely improve on our previous work- as such we include one free update on most platforms for HPTuners canned tuning. Please contact us to see if there are updates for your application.

My MDS Deleted vehicle is showing "MDS Active" in logs and "ECO" is still illuminated on the dash. Is MDS still on??? What gives?

99.9999% of the time...This is a misnomer. "ECO" still shows due to meeting the criteria of ECO mode. MDS is typically a very noticeable event and very audible by sound of the exhaust (it sounds like a Cessna- terrible!) . In some vehicles this dash indication can be disabled in the settings in the dash or center console. 

Return Policy?

ALL returns must be within 30 days, in its original packaging, unopened. All other returns that do not meet this criteria are at the discretion of FRP. We reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee. 


Lifter failure warranty or not?

FRP does not offer a formal warranty on aftermarket parts. The vast majority of the parts we sell are for racing use only and thus are built for severe duty use. We cannot be responsible for racing parts being defective. That said, we reserve the right to review each parts failure (they are rare, but do happen) and if it is particularly egregious we occasionally do cover parts if they appear to be defective on a case by case basis.