• Tapped Performance RAM DOUBLE PUMP SYSTEM
  • Tapped Performance RAM DOUBLE PUMP SYSTEM
  • Tapped Performance RAM DOUBLE PUMP SYSTEM


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Making all the horsepower with your Ram? We have your answer for all your fueling needs. Big cubes, blower, turbo, nitrous, E85? All of them combined! Our in-house designed and manufactured system is what you need, featuring dual pumps with a TI274 primary and a TI285 to back it up all while maintaining proper constant pressure operation as the original fuel system intended. Our carefully designed pump housing contains dual fuel pressure regulators to prevent regulator over-run which is very common on the Hemi cars when adding even a single larger pump.

But wait! There's more!

Each system comes with regulator block-offs if the need is there to remove return port plug on top and convert system for full return operation! Hat employs a 10AN Feed and 8AN return ports, setup as a returnless for installing even in a stock truck includes fitting to quickly and directly connect the factory fuel line. 
Factory location for fuel sending unit you must transfer from your stock assembly, or we have new sending units available for the Rams. We set our system up to accept the Hemi car sending unit which are readily available and some Rams use this style unit. We have noticed a big discrepancy and have almost no way to determine which year Rams have this exact level unit. 
For proper wiring and accessories select year, note current shipping systems are setup for single pump control with factory FPCM, the Rams diagnostic procedure for pressure sensor means you can not run two pumps at all times as the PCM can not drop pump Duty Cycle enough, this applies to some 14-15 and newer trucks. Second pump control can be added with our boost switch kits.
System rating: Gasoline/Race <10% 1250+HP
E85/E90R 1100+HP