FRP 6.4L 426ci Stroker kit

FRP 6.4L 426ci Stroker kit

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Need a turn-key 6.4 stroker kit? FRP has you covered. 

Please note that all stroker kits are drop-shipped. We have NO CONTROL over ship time due to ongoing supply chain issues and parts availability. Average shipping time is 5-6 weeks. 

All FRP stroker kits come as a balanced assembly, mallory/heavy metal as required , main and rod bearings, gasket kit, reluctor wheel and VVT spacer  

All assemblies are 1200 horsepower capable unlesss otherwise noted. 


  • Icon 2618 premium forged coated pistons with .200” thickwall wrist pins
  • Hastings steel moly piston rings 1.5mm 1.5mm 3.0mm 
  • Eagle 4340 forged steel crankshaft
  • Scat 4340 forged steel H-beam connecting rods ARP 2000 bolts
  • King XP- Series heat treated performance rod bearings
  • King XP- Series heat treated performance main bearing
  • King SI- Series thrust washers 
  • Internally balanced assembly
  • 58X crank reluctor 
  • VVT crankshaft snout spacer