By Ryan Hogan

SCT Initial Instructions and Datalogging Guide

Thank you for purchasing a Flyin’ Ryan Performance tune. We appreciate your support.
The purpose of this guide is to do two things.
First, is to set you up for success by providing guidance for how to ensure the vehicle is ready for tuning and subsequent datalogging . Second, is to establish what I expect of you as the end user, and in turn, what you should expect from me as a calibrator.
If you follow these instructions, chances are extremely high that we will finish tuning with few revisions and fewer hiccups/delays.
Please read through the guide to prevent any undue delays or complications in completing the tuning process.

You’ll need to download both the SCT Device Updater and SCT Livelink Gen II.
They can be found here.
Device Updater:


All FRP Custom E-mail tunes require the use of a wideband O2 (air/fuel ratio sensor) . We reserve the right to suspend or refuse tuning due to failure to comply with this important step. 

If you’re using the AEM 30-4110 wideband with the SCT 9608 cable, the wiring of the wideband is
very straight forward. You are going to thread the O2 sensor into the bung in the exhaust (upstream of the catalyst or catalysts if at all possible, usually behind a header collector, bank does not really matter) . Route the sensor wiring from the bung thru the grommet in the firewall orthrough some other means into the interior, hook up the ground wires from the AEM (black)AND
THE SCT WIRE (blue) to a clean chassis ground together, and the AEM white wire goes to the SCT
orange wire. In essence, it’s power and ground to the wideband, and then feeding the output signal into the X3.
Start by connecting your wideband to X3, X3 to laptop and OBD2 port of your vehicle. Open up Livelink, select "I want to datalog a vehicle". Please follow the steps exactly as they are listed as Livelink is very sensitive to things being done out of order/sequence.
After Livelink has checked communication on your vehicle, it will ask if you want to . You are going to want to do this as it will narrow down the list of PIDs (Parameters, basically) that you can choose from. If you have a JTEC-controlled vehicle (All 96-02 Trucks/Jeeps, Certain 03-06 Trucks and
Jeeps, Viper and SRT10 vehicles 96-2007), it is critical you select only the parameters below, as logging
unnecessary parameters- while neat to monitor- will slow down the sample rate of the datalogging itself.
Please set up SCT Livelink with the following:
96-06 models:
• Engine RPM
• Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure
• Intake Air Temperature
• Engine Coolant Temp
• Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 (Bank 3 as well if your vehicle has 2 upstream/front O2 sensors)
• Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 (Bank 3 as well if your vehicle has 2 upstream/front O2 sensors)
• Analog 1 & Analog 2
07-Present Day models:
• Engine rpm
• Intake manifold absolute pressure
• Pressure Ratio
• Aircharge
• Short term Knock Retard
• Long Term Knock Retard
• Throttle position
• Pedal voltage
• Intake Air Temperature
• Engine Coolant Temp
• Long term fuel trim bank 1 (bank 2 as well if your vehicle has 2 upstream/front O2 sensors)
• Short term fuel trim bank 1 (bank 2 as well if your vehicle has 2 upstream/front O2 sensors)
• Analog 1; Analog 2

Let the vehicle warm up, then start datalogging and drive it around- no beating on it, just light throttle,
keep it below 3000 rpms, etc. A 3-5 minute long log session is enough to start off with.
Upon completion of datalogging, go to “Save As”, select “Datalog (.csv)” and email the datalog file as an attachment to


Basic Troubleshooting

Sometimes,Livelink does not want to communicate with the vehicle, or it freezes up shortly after starting a log.

Below are a few suggestions as to why Livelink may not be cooperating:
● Program is not in “Run in Administrator Mode” (this is a setting within Windows)
● OBD2 Port is loose
● Cigarette Adapter or OBD2 Fuse is blown
● Handheld is getting warm- You can try disconnecting everything then reconnecting, what I personally
do is either tape the X3 over an AC vent with the AC on, or wrap a ice pack with a shop rag then tape it
to the X3 to regulate the temperature
● PCM may be defective (difficult to confirm, and not likely)
● Livelink was not set up in the correct steps as per instructions
If you have issues with Livelink or Device Updater, it is best to contact SCT Tech Support. The best way to
reach them is through the SCT office number at 407 774 2447 . The reason for this is because they deal
with issues like this all the time, and have the ability to remote connect to your computer quickly and efficiently.